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Composting Machine OKLIN GG-02


Oklin’s GG-02 is an innovative and efficient method of composting home food waste. GG-02 can compost up to 4kg of food waste per day, turning waste into a valuable resource that can be used to fertilize plants or grow fruits and vegetables. 

With an 80-90% reduction rate, compost will only need to be removed from the unit on a weekly basis. Oklin’s electric composter helps users divert food waste from the landfill, reduce the amount of methane gas generated from organic waste, and decrease carbon emissions and one’s carbon footprint.

Applications in:
Hotels & Resort; F&B Businesses; Industrial Facilities; Education Institutions; Office Buildings; Gym & Sport Centers, Hospitals…


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How to use Oklin's GG-02

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Oklin’s GG-02 is an electric composting unit ideal for small-scale waste generators like homes, coffee shops, schools and offices. The GG-02 utilizes Acidulo® microbes to compost food waste in 24 hours, producing a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used in gardens.

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How to operate



1. What conditions are required to make installment transactions when buying Oklin products via mPOS?

You need a credit card with a VISA or MASTER CARD to make installment payments.

2. Is there any extra fee to join the Installment Program with mPOS?

– Customer does not have to pay interest for the installment program, however, Customer will need to pay an additional CONVERT PAYMENT FEE. Installment conversion fee ranges from: 2% – 8.9% depending on the bank and the term (3-6-9-12 months) that the customer chooses to pay in installments.

– Please contact us for more details on the specific installment conversion fee.

3. What are the steps to make Installment Payments via MPOS?

Step 1: Choose and buy product.

Customers can order directly via hotline / fan-page / website / buy directly at ECO Solutions’ partner showrooms.

Customers notify participating in the installment program with the counselor for specific instructions.

Step 2: Confirm the order (in case the customer buys online).

ECO Solutions’ staff will call to confirm the order and check delivery information with customers.

Step 3: Receive product and make payment.

Customers receive products & check products – Make payment with credit cards via mPOS transaction portal.

4. Which banks are affiliated with MPOS?

Which banks are affiliated with MPOS?

5. How Oklin principle of operation?

The device uses Microbiological Technology to process waste into fertilizer substrates and reduce up to 80% – 90% of the original waste weight within 24 hours.

6. Microbiological activation process?

– The Acidulo Microbes Activation Procedure is as follows:

Step 1: First put Acidulo Microbes and 3 liters of water into the device.

Step 2: The following days will allow the amount of food waste to gradually increase.

Step 3: From day 12 onwards, 5kg of garbage can be given/day.

– Video about the activation process:

7. What is the life expectancy of Acidulo Microorganisms?

– Acidulo® microorganisms are lifelong microorganisms, but if microorganisms encounter chemicals, they will die.

– In case of microbial death, ECO Solutions supports microbiological supplements.

* Apply free for the first 2 replenishments.

8. What type of food waste can/cannot be recycled with the Oklin?

What type of food waste can/cannot be recycled with the Oklin?

** CAUTION: Large garbage should be chopped such as watermelon peel, pomelo peel ,… before putting it into the machine because too large garbage can jam the spindle.

9. How long does the Recycling process take?

Oklin’s Composting process will proceed within 24 hours.

10. How much power does the Oklin consume for each Composting process?

The power consumption for a 24-hour recycling process fluctuates around 2~3kWh/day.

11. Can I open the lid during processing?

Yes, you can open the lid and put the trash in at any time.

12. What can I do with the end result?

The end result is an organic fertilizer substrate, using additional fertilizers such as NPK fertilizer is very good for plants.

13. During food waste disposal, does the equipment smell?

The device has a built-in Nano Filter to help disinfect and treat odors. In addition, there will be air ducts to drain air out.

14. What is the warranty period?

The warranty period is 12 months.

Warranty conditions:

– The product is electronically warranted under the product’s serial number for the duration of the warranty period with all damages determined due to the fault of the manufacturer.

The device warranty will automatically expire in the following cases:

– The product is not distributed by ECO Solutions, the Serial stamp is torn or blurred with unknown vision. No warranty for spare supplies and consumables.

– The product is defective due to force majeure causes (natural disaster, flood, fire, lightning strike, insect infestation, unstable power supply, wrong voltage regulation …).

– Customers arbitrarily disassemble, repair, change components or repair elsewhere not authorized by ECO Solutions.

– The product is damaged due to the customer’s incorrect use of the instructions for use, improper storage, due to falling or impact.

15. Service and repairs?

You can contact us for support via e-mail: or Customer Service Hotline: 0782 118 226/ Technical Hotline: 0782 118 227/ 0896 126 126

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