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Food Waste Reducer Smartcara PCS-400


SmartCara PCS-400 with 2 liters capacity, is a food waste reducer with easy-to-use and time-saving advantages. After just a few hours, food waste will be recycled into odorless and dry organic nutrients with a reduction rate up to 90% that can be used as nutrients for plants.


  • For household 1-4 people

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Smartcara PCS-400: Hướng Dẫn Sử Dụng Đúng Cách

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How it works


SmartCara is just one button press, there is no easier way to handle your actual amount of waste. Outdoor composting can be difficult. It requires a lot of space and is time-consuming, and you need to know how to create appropriate composting environment. Therefore, SmartCara presents an easier way for you to go green.

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Put food waste in equipment's container

After plugging in the power supply, place the food waste in the container and make sure it is not higher than the maximum fill line recommended inside the container.

When the lid is closed and locked, the equipment will go into STORAGE mode, in which food waste is disposed of gradually and can be stored for up to 3 days without odor.

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Start the recycling process with just a touch

When the container has filled up to the maximum fill line inside the container, close and lock the lid then press the power button. At this time, SmartCara will automatically recycle through 3 processes: DRYING - GRINDING - COOLING in combination with deodorization.

The equipment will complete the food waste recycling process in 5-7 hours.

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Complete the food waste recycling process

When the food waste recycling process is complete, your finished product will be a dry, odorless organic nutrient that can be used as extra nutrients for your plants or stored for later use.



How to operate



1. What conditions are required to make installment transactions when buying smartCara products via mPOS?

You would need a VISA or MASTER credit card to make installment payments.

2. Is there any extra fee to join the Installment Program with mPOS?

– Customer does not have to pay interest for the installment program; however, customer will need to pay an additional CONVERT PAYMENT FEE. Installment conversion fee ranges from: 2% -8.9% depending on the bank and the term (3-6-9-12 months) that the customer chooses to pay in installments.

– Please contact us for more details on the specific installment conversion fee.

3. What are the steps to make Installment Payments via MPOS?

Step 1: Choose and buy product.

Customers can order directly via hotline / fan-page / website / buy directly at ECO Solutions’ partner showrooms.

Customers notify participating in the installment program with the counselor for specific instructions.

Step 2: Confirm the order (in case the customer buys online).

ECO Solutions’ staff will call to confirm the order and check delivery information with customers.

Step 3: Receive product and make payment.

Customers receive products & check products – Make payment with credit cards via mPOS transaction portal.

4. Which banks are affiliated with MPOS?

Which banks are affiliated with MPOS?

5. How smartcara principle of operation?

Principle of operation:

smartCara equipment operates following the process of “Drying – Crushing – Cooling” combined with “Deodorizing” for 5-7 hours. The finished product is dry and odorless organic nutrients.

6. What are the functions of smartCara?




7. What type of food waste can/cannot be recycled with the smartCara?

3. What type of food waste can/cannot be recycled with the smartCara?

CAUTION: Sift liquids from products, e.g. fruit juice, before putting them in the bucket. The drier the products, the shorter the reducing process.

It is also best to avoid as much food waste as possible that contains a lot of oil, carbohydrates and/or sugar. It is best to mix this with other types of residual waste.

8. How long does the Recycling process take?

The average food waste recycling process is about 5 to 7 hours depending on the volume and type of food waste. If the food waste is dry and has been chopped off (such as chopped vegetables, fruit peels, etc.), the recycling process will be faster.

9. How much power does the smartCara consume for each Recycling process?

The Total Power consumption of the equipment in one recycling (from 5-7 hours) is as follows:

– PCS-400: average 0.7-1.0 kW (0.7 – 1 electric numbers)

– PCS-500D: average 1.5-2.0 kW (1.5 – 2 electric numbers)

All equipment is integrated with a multi-point sensor to monitor the required drying time, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

10. Can I open the lid during processing?

The lid must remain closed during processing. When you open the lid, the processing will be interrupted and you will have to start it again manually, so that the final residue will not be 100% dried. In addition, the appliance becomes very hot during the processing, which can cause a risk of burns.

11. What can I do with the end result?

– The end result is a dry odorless residue, you can add to the soil to increase nutrients to help the Plant grow better or store it for a long time and use it later.

– You mix in the ratio of 1 (finished product): 9 (soil) or loosen a layer of soil for 1-2 tablespoons of finished product and fill it with soil.

12. During food waste disposal, does the equipment smell?

– The device will not smell because it has a built-in 3-layer activated carbon filter to help deodorize Food.

13. How often should I use the Cleansing function?

This mode is used when the receptacle is layered on the bottom after recycling or you can run it 2-3 times a week. You can add orange/tangerine/grapefruit peel to deodorize and clean the filter, helping to increase filter life.

14. How do I replace the filters?

– The filter has the main function of Deodorizing during the recycling process, so when the filter reaches the end of its life, you will see a slight sour smell emitted when the machine is operating. From that moment on, the filter no longer works well and should be replaced.

– Changing the filter is very simple, please refer to the specific instruction link below:

– PCS-400:

– PCS-500:

You can contact us to buy filters via Hotline 0782 118 226.

15. What is the warranty period?

– The warranty period is 12 months.

Warranty conditions:

– The product is electronically warranted under the product’s serial number for the duration of the warranty period with all damages determined due to the fault of the manufacturer.

The device warranty will automatically expire in the following cases:

– The product is not distributed by ECO Solutions, the Serial stamp is torn or blurred with unknown vision. No warranty for spare supplies and consumables.

– The product is defective due to force majeure causes (natural disaster, flood, fire, lightning strike, insect infestation, unstable power supply, wrong voltage regulation …).

– Customers arbitrarily disassemble, repair, change components or repair elsewhere not authorized by ECO Solutions.

– The product is damaged due to the customer’s incorrect use of the instructions for use, improper storage, due to falling or impact.

16. How long do the filters last?

The filter replacement period differs for each model according to the manufacturer, ranging from 2-5 months. However, the time it takes to replace the filter depends on:

– The type of food waste and its amount of smell.

– The frequency of the use of the machine.

If the food waste that needs to be recycled has a strong smell and that you use the machine continuously, the replacement time for the filter will be shorter. In addition, when the filter is no longer able to eliminate odors completely, whether you choose to replace or not replace the filter, it will not affect the operation of the machine. However, it will cause a slight odor affecting your living atmosphere.

17. How do I know what error the device is having?

– When the device has an error, you just need to press the Power/Start Button, the device will automatically notify the Error by voice.

– You can check the Errors on the Common Error Handling Guide in the User Guide or contact ECO Solutions for assistance. Hotline: 0782 118 227/ 0896 126 126

18. Service and repairs?

You can contact us for support via e-mail: or Customer Service Hotline: 0782 118 226/ Technical Hotline: 0782 118 227/ 0896 126 126

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