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Solution for Dealing with Odor and Root Bacteria Problems at Hotels

In the fierce competition to provide the best experience for customers, hotels are always seeking the most comprehensive solutions to address odor and bacteria issues in their accommodation spaces.

Below are some common causes of odor in hotels:


  1. Musty odor from dampness: Areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, areas near windows, or poorly ventilated areas, can cause musty odors.
  2. Sweat odor from previous users: Especially in bedrooms and gym areas, sweat odors from previous users can accumulate and cause unpleasant smells.
  3. Food and beverage odors: Odors from food and beverages in restaurants and dining areas can spread to other areas of the hotel.
  4. Odors from items and equipment: Items, furnishings, and equipment such as carpets, curtains, beds, and sofas can absorb odors and release them into the surrounding space.
  5. Odors from chemicals and cleaning products: The use of strong chemical cleaning products can cause unpleasant odors and irritate some individuals.
  6. Odors from bacteria and mold: Bacteria and mold present in the air and on surfaces can create foul odors.
  7. Cigarette smoke odor: If guests smoke in the room, the smell of cigarette smoke can linger in the space and cause discomfort to others.
  8. Odors from guests’ luggage and personal belongings: Guests’ luggage and personal belongings can also generate unpleasant odors when kept in hotel rooms.

Some tips for eliminating odors in hotel rooms include:


  • Using odor-neutralizing chemical products:

Pros: Effective in eliminating unpleasant odors.

Cons: May contain chemicals that can cause irritation or harm to health if overused. Some products may only temporarily eliminate odors without addressing the root cause of the problem.


  • Using essential oils or fragrances:

Pros: It creates a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

Cons: Fragrances cannot completely eliminate all odors. Additionally, some people may not prefer the scent of these fragrances.


  • Ensuring cleanliness and ventilation:

Pros: It eliminates the root cause of odors and improves overall air quality.

Cons: Sometimes, maintaining cleanliness and ventilation may require considerable time and effort. In areas with high humidity, ventilation may increase the risk of mold growth.


  • Using air filtration devices:

Pros: It removes bacteria, viruses, and small odor-causing particles from the air.

Cons: It requires high initial investment costs and may require regular maintenance. Some devices may also generate noise and increase humidity in the space.


  • Using ECO Solutions’ BOS Odor Eliminator:

Pros: Eliminates the root cause of odors by killing bacteria and naturally neutralizing odors. Safe for health and living spaces.

Cons: It may involve initial investment costs, but the effectiveness and sustainability of the product are high, and long-term usage reduces maintenance costs.

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