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Regardless of your industry or location in Vietnam, every business—whether large or small, new, or well-established—must address the challenges of food waste, odor, and bacteria. At ECO Solutions, we are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing the finest solutions and services that will shape our legacy and goals to meet the unique needs of your situation..


Hotels & Resorts

When managing a hotel or resort, it is crucial to prioritize providing guests with the best possible experience. Unfortunately, behind the scenes of every beautiful and comfortable establishment, the Management and Operations team grapples with numerous daily challenges in various areas. These include issues such as grease and sludge clogging pipes, leading to odor and hygiene problems in the kitchen, as well as unpleasant smells and blocked pipes in bathrooms and guestrooms. Moldy and smoky odors, whether from guests or weather conditions, can be prevalent in common areas and guestrooms. Additionally, large resorts may face challenges such as smells from birds or chicken coops and chemical pesticides in the garden. Bacteria and odors from sweat may arise in the gym, while children’s touches can leave oily or sticky surfaces, causing hygiene problems in kids’ clubs. Slippery floors due to grease and germs on cushions and furniture in restaurants and bars add to the list of challenges.

If you are seeking a trusted partner with experience to help you address these complex issues, we are here for you.


F&B Businesses

The F&B industry serves as a prime example of a concentrated community in one area where food waste is unavoidable, posing a significant challenge in the form of fats, oils, and grease. These substances are introduced into the wastewater system, causing substantial blockages and sludge issues in underground piping systems. The resultant problems not only lead to unpleasant odors but also create an uncomfortable environment for both employees and customers.
Selecting the right solutions to prevent these issues is essential for maintaining the health and sanitation of restaurants. It not only helps F&B establishments save substantial amounts of money on future problem fixes but also fosters a cleaner and more pleasant environment for both customers and employees. This, in turn, can attract more customers and ultimately improve the bottom line.

If you are in search of a trusted partner capable of providing comprehensive solutions and services for these challenges, we are here for you.


Industrial Facilities

As a business, you bear both a legal and corporate responsibility to dispose of waste safely. Efficient waste management and recycling not only fulfill your legal obligations but also contribute to enhancing your business’s reputation, appealing to customers who prefer eco-friendly practices.

Crucially, ensuring the proper storage, removal, and treatment of all generated wastes also plays a significant role in preventing various issues such as bacteria growth, unpleasant odors, blocked pipes, and accumulation of sludges. Additionally, it creates a closed-loop system for waste, allowing treatment at the source, such as converting food waste into compost for landscaping.

If you are seeking a trusted partner with experience to guide you in achieving your sustainability goals while saving on maintenance costs, we are here to provide consultation and support. Together, let’s make responsible waste management an integral part of your business strategy.



Maintaining a beautiful and comfortable home is a source of pleasure and concern for most people. Many invest significant resources in cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing, often resorting to chemical solutions, which can be perceived as unhealthy and unsustainable. Is there a simpler, more natural, and more cost-effective alternative?

If you are searching for a trusted company that can offer consultation and provide the best options for your lovely home, look no further. We are here to guide you towards solutions that are not only effective but also align with your commitment to a healthier and more sustainable living environment.


Educational Institutions

Schools and academies stand as ideal environments for citizens to learn about the importance of environmental consciousness and sustainability. They bear the responsibility to actively reduce and recycle waste while educating young minds on becoming eco-conscious citizens who understand their role in protecting the environment. The implementation of a well-defined waste management plan and the adoption of eco-friendly solutions are pivotal steps in achieving these goals.

If you are in search of a trusted partner with experience, not only to provide solutions that contribute to your environmental goals but also to join you in the mission to educate and inspire the younger generation about sustainability and the environment, we are here to support and collaborate with you.


Office Buildings / Corporation Institutions

Green offices are becoming increasingly important due to the growing awareness of the impact of climate change on our planet. There are plenty of ways to design and maintain a sustainable office, and companies are realizing the benefits of these spaces for their people. Office buildings can contribute to various environmental challenges, including resource use, waste generation, and indoor environmental quality. Addressing these issues is essential for promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of office operations.

Choosing the right solutions to prevent problems related to waste management, wastewater treatment, air quality, and bacteria control not only helps the office management save lots of money for fixing problems in the future but also creates a cleaner and more pleasant environment for their customers and employees. This can help attract more customers and improve their bottom line.

If you are looking for a trusted partner with experience to not only provide solutions to deal with your problems with cost savings but also help you achieve your goals in creating a green office and reducing carbon footprint, we are here for you.


Gyms & Sport Centers

The health and wellness industry is vast, encompassing big businesses such as gyms and fitness centers that are ubiquitous in various sizes and shapes. These establishments range from mega chains with hundreds of locations to small mom-and-pop shops, fitness centers in apartment complexes, hotels, offices, and even wellness centers in hospitals. Maintaining long-lasting hygiene and a healthy environment with eco-friendly products and treatments plays a crucial role in influencing how individuals want to feel.

While state-of-the-art equipment and classes are attractive features, they alone may not be sufficient to make a gym or fitness center stand out, especially when others offer similar services.

Setting your establishment apart by replacing all chemical cleaning methods with eco-friendly products utilizing Nano technology not only helps protect all the equipment but also ensures that your gyms and fitness centers maintain a cleaner, healthier, and more pleasant environment for both customers and employees. This, in turn, can attract an increasing number of customers.

If you are seeking a trusted company that can provide consultation and offer the best solutions for your state-of-the-art gyms and fitness centers, we are here to assist you.